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Thank you for choosing AddMaster Resources, your trusted full-service marketing and advertising firm. We are excited to collaborate with you on creating a powerful online presence and boosting your business to new heights. To ensure a comprehensive and successful partnership, we kindly request the following information regarding your specific marketing and advertising needs. Please provide the details either via email or in a Word document. If you have any questions or require assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

Please share essential details about your business, including your company name, industry, target audience, and your unique selling proposition. This will help us better understand your brand identity and goals.

1. Domain Name: If you already have a domain name, please provide the login credentials. If not, we can guide you in purchasing one that aligns with your brand.
2. Website Content: Share any written content, such as Home page copy, About Us, Services, Contact, etc. Be sure to include any specific keywords you want to target for SEO purposes.
3. Images and Media: Please send us ALL of the images that you would like added to your site. Only high-quality and professional pictures will be used to ensure your website looks nice. If you don't have images, we can assist you in finding free stock images from websites such as Pixels and Unsplash. Your assistance and direction will be required to find the perfect images, photographs, graphics, and vectors for your website and brand.
4. Logo: If you already have a logo, please include it in the email. If not, we will be happy to design a captivating logo that reflects your brand identity.

1. Existing Social Media Accounts: Share the links to your current social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).
2. Social Media Goals: Specify your objectives for social media marketing, such as brand awareness, lead generation, engagement, etc.
3. Content Strategy: Outline your preferences for content types, posting frequency, and target audience.
4. Social Media Management: If you need assistance in managing your social media accounts, let us know. Our team can handle content creation, scheduling, and engagement.

1. Social Media Advertising: If you're interested in running paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms, specify your goals and budget for social media advertising.
2. Influencer Marketing: If you're interested in leveraging influencer partnerships to promote your brand on social media, let us know, and we can devise a strategy.

1. Targeted Messaging: Let us know your key messages and unique selling points that you want to convey to your audience.
2. Blogging: If you plan to have a blog, provide topics or themes you'd like to cover, or we can suggest ideas for engaging content.
3. Copywriting Requirements: Share any specific copywriting needs, such as product descriptions, email campaigns, press releases, etc.

1. Branding Guidelines: If you have existing branding guidelines, please provide them. Otherwise, our talented designers can create a consistent and visually appealing brand identity for your business.
2. Logo Design or Rebranding: If you need a new logo or wish to rebrand, let us know, and we will deliver a logo that perfectly represents your brand.
3. Design Projects: Indicate any design projects you require, such as social media graphics, brochures, banners, advertisements, etc.
4. Print Collaterals: If you need print materials such as business cards, flyers, brochures, or posters, please specify the details and quantities required.

1. Keywords: Provide a list of relevant keywords or phrases that you want to rank for on search engines.
2. Competitor Analysis: If possible, share information about your main competitors to help us develop an effective SEO strategy.

1. Email List: Share your existing email list or let us know if you need assistance in building one.
2. Email Campaign Objectives: Outline your goals for email marketing, such as lead nurturing, product promotions, newsletters, etc.

1. Target Audience: Specify your target audience for PPC campaigns.
2. Budget: Indicate your budget for PPC advertising.

1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Let us know the metrics you want to track to measure the success of our marketing efforts.
2. Reporting Frequency: Share how often you would like to receive performance reports.

1. Existing Branding: If you have established branding materials, please provide them. If not, we can help you develop a consistent and impactful brand identity that aligns with your vision and values.
2. Rebranding: If you're considering a brand refresh or repositioning, let us know, and we'll work with you to achieve the desired impact.

1. Product Descriptions: Provide detailed information about the products you offer, including descriptions, features, and pricing.
2. High-Quality Images: Share high-resolution images of your products to ensure your website showcases them professionally.

1. Booking Services: If you provide booking services, please send us the list of services along with their prices. Description, the length of time of service, and hours of work are highly suggested for booking.

Please send us any policies such as Return Policies, Shipping Policies, FAQ’s, etc. This is an important section for your customers. There will be no proofreading.

- Business email
- Phone number
- Business location (if applicable)

In order to receive payments through your website, you must send us your PayPal email address. If you accept CashApp, Square, or other payment methods, we will not connect those for privacy unless you are comfortable giving out this information.

**Q. DOMAIN:**
You can purchase a domain name from After purchasing, you must provide us with the login for the account to connect it. (For Shopify and Wix sites, you must purchase a subscription with them before connecting it.)

Please provide all social links (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

If you're interested in strategic product placement in relevant media and partnerships, please let us know, and we can devise a strategy.


1. Video Production: We offer professional video production services for commercials, explainer videos, and more.
2. Event Marketing: If you have upcoming events or product launches, we can create marketing campaigns to maximize visibility and attendance.
3. Reputation Management: Our team can help you build and maintain a positive online reputation through effective strategies.
4. Mobile App Development: If you need a mobile app to enhance your business offerings, our development team can create a customized solution.
5. Local SEO: Target your local audience with specialized SEO techniques to boost foot traffic and local sales.
6. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Optimize website elements to increase conversion rates and achieve specific business objectives.
7. Customer Retention and Loyalty Programs: Implement strategies for customer retention and loyalty, including loyalty programs and customer feedback mechanisms.
8. Inbound Marketing Strategy: Develop inbound marketing tactics, such as lead magnets, content marketing, and email marketing.
9. Market Research and Audience Segmentation: Conduct market research and segment your audience for targeted campaigns.
10. Public Relations (PR) Services: Implement PR strategies and media outreach efforts.
11. Event Planning and Management: Plan and execute successful events to promote your brand or products.
12. Product Placement: Explore opportunities for strategic product placement in relevant media and partnerships.
13. Logo Design: If you don't have an existing logo, we'll be happy to design a captivating logo that reflects your brand identity.
14. Image Sourcing: If you need high-quality images for your website, we can assist you in finding free stock images from websites such as Pixels and Unsplash.
15. Product Showcase: If your site consists of selling products, please be sure to send the products, product images, and pricing of products for a professional showcase.
16. Store Policies: Send us any policies such as Return Policies, Shipping Policies, FAQs, etc. for inclusion on your website. There will be no proofreading.
17. Contact Information: Provide your business email, phone number, and business location (if applicable) for customers to reach you easily.
18. Payment Processing: If you want to receive payments through your website, let us know your PayPal email address or other payment methods you accept.
19. Domain Name: You can purchase a domain name from After purchasing, provide us with the login for the account to connect it. (For Shopify and Wix sites, you must purchase a subscription with them before connecting it.)
20. Social Media Links: Provide all social media links (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to connect your website with your social media profiles. As for feed-like Instagram, you must connect it yourself.
21. Bookings: If you offer booking services, please provide the list of services along with their prices, description, the length of time of service, and hours of work.
22. Store Add-ons and Customizations: If you have any specific add-ons or customizations you'd like for your website, let us know, and we'll accommodate your requirements.

Please specify any additional print materials you need, such as business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, etc and their quantities.

1. Desired Launch Date: Let us know your preferred timeline for launching marketing campaigns and initiatives. We will work closely with you to ensure timely delivery and a successful launch.

Thank you for providing this information. Rest assured, our experienced team will work diligently to develop a tailored marketing and advertising strategy that aligns with your business objectives. We are committed to delivering outstanding results and growing your brand exponentially.

Should you have any questions or additional requirements, please feel free to reach out to us. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Best regards,

AddMaster Resources Inc.
Contact us If you have any question?

**About AddMaster Resources Inc.:**


AddMaster Resources Inc. is one of the best leading Marketing Advertising firms in Miami, FL, offering a wide range of services like Marketing Graphic & Web Design, SEO, Writing, Social Media Management, Print, Branding, and more. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing top-notch marketing solutions that will tremendously boost your company or business growth. From small to large corporations, we are thrilled to serve and help you thrive in today's competitive market.

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