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Build engagement and visibility on social media.

Is your business missing a social media presence?
Do you need properly setup Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google My Business  profiles?
Do you want to customize your social media accounts but do not know how?

That is where we come in! We provide services specifically designed to establish or enhance your social media presence. It does not matter whether your business is entering the social scene for the first time or if you have accounts that lack a professional image and consistent branding across all social media websites.

How it works


Your Presence


With our social media setup service you can have a professional social media marketing presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business and other social media networks that will be loved by your customers and envied by your competitors. Image is everything so don’t get left behind in this digital age.

Grow Your

Fan Base


Our proven techniques will grow your fan base, helping you make new customer connections and strengthening current ones. In addition there are numerous SEO benefits for your website when you have a well managed social media presence. More fans and increased interaction means more exposure and more business for you!


Your Fans


We use the latest technology and methods to increase your fan base and interaction. With increased fan interaction we make it easy for you to get your marketing message across to new and current customers. Using a combination of email collection campaigns, fan campaigns and more, we supercharge your social media marketing and SEO.

Tailored to your business’ long term goals.

A social media plan customized for your business.


Our social media management services encompass building your brand, customer base, loyalty, and more. When you sign on as a social media managed client, the first thing Addmaster Designs do is conduct a thorough analysis of your current social media presence and strategy. We will look at what is working, and what is not, for your business. In some cases, we may have to revise your current profiles in order to get the maximum benefit from your social media marketing efforts. We will assure all of your descriptions are keyword focused to attract the right audience. We may also make other recommendations regarding the look and feel of your social media pages.


Once this is completed we will formulate an action plan and strategy specific to your business. We post to your social media accounts 3 times a day with a mix of interactive and engaging posts tailored to your business long term goals.

Social Media Management Service

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    Starting at $199.00
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